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When creating Rise of the Argonauts, one thing stood out in the minds of development team members like game designer Andrew Rubino: immersion. "Probably our biggest goal with Rise of the Argonauts was that the player can fully immerse himself in the world and not just feel like he’s playing a video game," said Rubino. "But when we looked at a lot of RPG conventions, we found many elements that interrupted the player’s experience. We want players running through Greece, making important decisions and battling fierce enemies, not spending 10 minutes navigating through menus screens. So we streamlined the RPG elements, keeping the depth while removing the complexity.
Englisch RPG Vault - Q&A #5
one of the things I like best is that, yes, we've got a lot of quests and goals that are epic and exciting, but in particular, the fact they are couched in logical circumstances and populated with believable characters.
Englisch RPG Vault - Q&A #2
Jonric: What are a couple of things you find particularly interesting, fun, challenging, memorable or otherwise notable about the NPCs in Rise of the Argonauts?

Vernon Andrew Dunmore

Pytheas is easily one of my favorite NPCs in the game. When you run into him on Mycenae, you immediately sympathize with him and his situation. A merchant has no place fighting for his life in the arena, yet here he stands with you as his teammate... and his only real chance of survival.
Englisch RPG Vault - Q&A #2
Jonric: What are a couple of god powers or other abilities that you consider particularly interesting, fun, cool or otherwise notable, and why do they stand out in your mind?

Andrew Rubino
Game Designer
All of the gods have very cool, useful abilities, but as I mentioned previously, I lean towards Athena and Hermes. She has an aspect called Strategic Assault that I love, even if it is hard to pull off. If I can avoid taking damage or blocking any attacks while consistently hitting my enemies, all of my strikes will gain a bonus to damage for as long as I can avoid getting hit. It's not the easiest thing in the world, but its made less difficult thanks to his Quicksilver aspect, which makes my dodge a lot faster.
Englisch RPG Vault - Q&A #1
Jonric: What's your preferred way to play Rise of the Argonauts? What approach do you like to follow in building up the main character, Jason?

Eric Heine
Programmer / Scripter
In any game I play, I choose the quicker weapons, so it's no different in this one. I use the sword almost all the time because it's the fastest of Jason's three. I occasionally use the spear to impale people and throw them off of balconies - one of my favorite things to do in the first level.
Englisch GameSpot - Rise of the Argonauts: Q&A
It has been just over a year since we first saw Rise of the Argonauts and a couple of months since we first got to play it. We still had myriad unanswered questions about the scope, plot, and ideas behind the game after having gotten a bit more info at E3 2008, so we put some of them to Ed Del Castillo, president of Liquid Entertainment.

GameSpot UK: According to the crew list, you seem to be playing fast and loose with the mythology. Is this going to be a theme for the game?

Ed Del Castillo: Well, we use these great myths and legends as our inspiration--our starting point--but we're making our own take on it where it serves gameplay, the story, and the player experience. The Jason myth is one of the only places in Greek myth that you get such a confluence of great heroes, so we're kind of assembling the X-Men of mythology. There's a rich backstory, there's incredible characters, but we're also using artistic license to take it to the next level--we couldn't pass up that opportunity.
Englisch Rock, Paper, Shotgun
This week we were brave enough to extract a few worlds of Homeric wisdom from Charley Price, the lead designer on Codemasters’ new action RPG, Rise Of The Argonauts. Needless to say, the Liquid Entertainment man was keen to talk up how RotA is rather different from previous videogame interpretations of classical Greek mythology, and tell us how the game was “akin to Mass Effect”. Head clickwards for the words, and a bunch of brand new Argonauty screenshots.
Englisch GameSpot
In Rise of the Argonauts, the upcoming action role-playing game from Codemasters and Liquid Entertainment, weapons kill people. In fact, if you hit an enemy with a sword, says game director Ed Del Castillo, the enemy is probably going to die. It's this concept of lethality that looks to separate Rise of the Argonauts from traditional action RPGs that rely on more conventional and infinitely less gory hit point systems.
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Rise of the Argonauts is shaping up to be no ordinary RPG. Taking the myth of the Golden Fleece as its foundation, it's a heavily action tinted spin on the age-old tale told with assured bravura, and has more than enough going for it to ensure it's going to install itself in many hearts come its release at the end of the summer. We sat down with the game's producer Ed del Castillo to talk about the inspiration behind the game, the future of the RPG, and above all love.

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