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Rise of the Argonauts is obviously based on the Greek mythological story about Jason and his quest to acquire the golden fleece. What has been done for this game is the classic story has been give a "God of War" feel by taking the blood and violence to mythical proportions. And all I have to say is it is great. The game is entirely combat oriented. The goal is to increase your proficiency in all combat related skills so then Jason can increase his killing ratio to the highest levels in Rise of the Argonauts for X360 and PS3.
Englisch Official Xbox 360 Magazine
Rise of the Argonauts shows what those developers have been missing out on. You play Jason, who sets off to find the mythical golden fleece after your wife is assassinated. It is said that the golden fleece has the power to bring those who have died back to life, which is why Jason gathers his Argonauts and together with his trusted friend Hercules, sets his heart on finding it.

Rise of the Argonauts is shaping up to be a brilliant game, with an intriguing storyline, vicious combat and gorgeous locale to boot. Keep an eye on this one, it'll definitely provide a refreshing change from all those muddy fields...
Englisch Eurogamer
Rise of the Argonauts has enjoyed some creative game design in its foundations which appear to have led to a solid and interesting world now that it's nearing completion. Whether the overarching mechanics can lift the game from a mere action brawler, and whether the world of Greek gods and heroes can inspire players to stick around long enough to find out, remains to be seen, but if God of War's success is anything to go by, there's still a thirst for ancient blood among the ranks of its target audience, which may answer both points. We'll find out in just over a month.
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Hauptdarsteller in der Videospiel-Sage ist der griechische Held Jason. Dessen bekanntestes Abenteuer – die Suche nach dem Goldenen Vlies –, gilt es in „Rise of the Argonauts“ zu meistern. Zwar hält sich das Spiel nicht gänzlich an die mythologische Vorlage, dennoch begegnen Ihnen im Spielverlauf viele Orte und Persönlichkeiten der Originalsage – unter anderem eine eigenwillige Interpretation der Medusa.
Englisch RPG Vault - Peek #5
The god of healing and light, knowledge and prophecy, literature and poetry, Apollo is among the most compassionate of the Olympians, interested in the well being of mortals for their own sake. Represented by the sun itself, he watches over all and illuminates the darkest of places. His followers tend to be scholars, healers and sages; they are typically courteous, learned, and caring.
Englisch RPG Vault - Peek #4
From the moment she sprang forth from the skull of Zeus himself, bright-eyed Athena has served as the goddess of order, military strategy, and tactical thinking. The only deity with the authority to wield her father's thunderbolts, she dispenses justice with firm resolve. She expects those who follow her to discern right from wrong carefully, to be steadfast in their judgment, and to commit themselves fully to all that they do. Sharp and calculating, even-handed yet severe, she provides order and structure in an often chaotic world, and rewards those who pursue lives of virtue and dedication, tempering their impulses with wisdom and forethought. She watches over judges, generals, kings and anyone who boldly faces difficult decisions on a daily basis.
Englisch RPG Vault - Peek #3
In the past, we've spoken at length about the many elements that make Rise of the Argonauts unique among action RPGs, such as its lethal combat system and the way in which Jason's choices will impact his favor with the gods. That said, we rarely have a chance to really delve into some of the deeper elements of the gameplay experience.

In Rise of the Argonauts, Jason sails throughout the world of mythological Greece aboard his massive ship, the Argo (hence the name for his crew, the Argonauts). But the vessel itself is more than just a means to an end; it is a marvel of the ancient world, a wonder that will change and develop over the course of the hero's journey as he searches for the Golden Fleece, gathering allies to his side.
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Greek mythology is a complex tangle of fables that have helped generations understand themselves and the worlds they live in. From morality to mortality, this epic collection of narratives holds all the answers. So, considering California-based developers Liquid Entertainment have taken it upon themselves to completely re-imagine one of the biggest Greek narratives of all – that of the journey of Jason and the Argonauts – they must have a pretty big message to get across, right? We asked lead designer Charley Price that exact question. “I suppose the moral to the story is never give up. Never lose focus. The characters around Jason that have fallen on hard times have done exactly that, but there can always be redemption. One good deed can always repay the past”.
Englisch 1up - Hands-On Preview
The days of stop-motion skeletons and harpies are long gone, as evidenced by Codemasters' latest HD-generation re-envisioning of the classic Greek tale of Jason and his band of Argonauts. Rise of the Argonauts is certainly a fine-looking action-role-playing game, but it's hard not to immediately think of God of War the first time you see it. Despite the similarities, the games do differ in their approach to storytelling. While Kratos is a morose, one-man killing machine who slaughters everything that crosses his path, Jason is more of a people person, forming a mythological Justice League as he recruits other characters on his quest for the Golden Fleece.
Englisch IGN - Rise of the Argonauts Hands-On
You play as Jason, though there will be many other heroes who will fight alongside you on your quest. Hercules, Achilles, and Pan are among those that take up arms with Jason. For each mission, you'll select an Argonaut to be your wingman. Each Argonaut has an allegiance to a particular god, which plays a role in combat. Herc rips enemies in half and is your strong man. Pan, who bows to Apollo, is a healer and will replenish your health at opportune moments.
Deutsch heise online - Games Convention 2008 special
In die Welt der griechischen Sage entführt Codemasters den Rollenspieler mit Rise of the Argonauts. In der Rolle von König Jason begibt er sich auf die Suche nach dem goldenen Vlies. Seine Reise mit der "Argo" durch die griechische Inselwelt dient einzig dem Zweck, am Schluss seine verstorbene Frau aus der Totenwelt zurückzuholen zu dürfen. Seine Gefährten sind die Argonauten – im Spiel lassen die Entwickler diese Gefährtengruppe aus mächtigen Kämpfern und Zauberern wie Achilles und Pan bestehen.
Deutsch GameCaptain - Rise of the Argonauts Facts
Medusa, Zyklopen, Titanen - die Gestalten des griechischen Sagenschatzes und deren Welt sind spätestens seit God of War wieder zum gefragten Hintergrund für spannende Spieleunterhaltung geworden und auch bei Rise of the Argonauts aus dem Hause Liquid Entertainment wird man so manchen Minotaurenknilch vertrimmen. Dabei ist das Spiel aber (hoffentlich) weit mehr als ein bloßer Abklatsch des übermächtigen Kriegsgott-Gemetzels plus Rollenspiel-Anteil. Ein paar Wochen vor dem geplanten Release fassen wir noch mal die wichtigsten Infos zusammen.
Englisch G4 - Hands On: 'Rise Of The Argonauts'
Today, we were treated to a hands-on of Codemasters' new Rise of the Argonauts here in Germany, and we got to play amongst the Gods for a few minutes or so. Now, right off the bat, you're going to want to compare this game to God of War, and it's a fair comparison to make. Pawn of the Gods doing trials to try and please them? Check. Messing with the Titans? Check. God-like powers bestowed on your person and weapons by those very same Gods? You betcha.
Englisch CVG - Is Codemasters' new RPG the best thing since sliced head?
Greek mythology is a complex tangle of fables which have helped generations understand themselves and the worlds they live in. From morality to mortality, this epic collection of narratives holds all the answers. So, considering California-based developers Liquid Entertainment have taken it upon themselves to completely re-imagine one of the biggest Greek narratives of all - that of the journey of Jason and the Argonauts - they must have a pretty big message to get across, right? We asked lead designer Charley Price that exact question. "I suppose the moral to the story is never give up. Never lose focus. The characters around Jason that have fallen on hard times have done exactly that, but there can always be redemption. One good deed can always repay the past".
Englisch IGN - Rise of the Argonauts Peek #2
In Rise of the Argonauts, worshippers of Hermes tend to be more lighthearted in their outlook on life. When times are grim, they will be the first to try and lighten the mood by providing a fresh perspective on the issues at hand. For those who follow him, swiftness of thought is more potent than strength of arms. A battle of words can be just as entertaining as one with weapons - especially if the combatants come well armed with wit. To some, they may seem more carefree than most, but they would characterize themselves as having a more even-handed perspective on the world. We are all destined to encounter obstacles on our journeys; we may as well face them with a smirk and a quip.
Codemasters went and took some of our favorite mythologies, intermingled some big-chested brutes and trophy rooms and gave us, well, I know I'm going to be torn apart for saying it (Sorry, Cory!), what "God of War" SHOULD have been.
The game looks and plays beautifully, while it's still not finished and Charlie over at Codemasters was quick to tell me; they're doing their final finesse work on the title. Once the game becomes closer to it's release, maybe I can get a few words and some impressions from the developers and find out what they think of the genre as a whole and just where "Rise of the Argonauts" will fit in there. Personally, I know that this game won't leave my hands until it's finished, until I'm standing there pointing at my television and saying.. "See that sword? Yeah, I got that when I took down the hydra. Oh, what? You want one? Tch, you ain't got the stuff, kid.".
Englisch IGN - Rise of the Argonauts Peek #1
We really wanted to lend depth and richness to each of our gods. As such, Ares is more than just the berserker. In Rise of the Argonauts, his followers believe that instinct is our truest guide in all walks of life. Politics, poetry, debate and the like are the breeding grounds of deception and cowardice. We are most truly alive when our actions and thoughts are as one. And what better place for that than on the battlefield? Beyond the familiar domains of war and combat, Ares is the god of focus, determination and persistence. Men and women honor him through stalwart courage in the face of overwhelming adversity, and bold choices made without hesitation.
Englisch GameSpy
Liquid Entertainment wants you to lose yourself inside the world of Jason and the Argonauts. This action role-playing game is basically free of interface clutter -- there are no health bars, no commands that pop up to issue orders to companions, nothing to interfere with the cinematic experience. The game eschews a lot of traditional role-playing game conventions and the E3 presentation left us wanting more.
Englisch IGN - E3 2008: Rise of the Argonauts Update
Liquid seems to be designing their action RPG flavored with Greek mythology to veer more toward the action genre than the RPG genre. We've already written a few detailed previews explaining the basics of the game, and with the E3 demo, Liquid talked a little more about life on the Argo (your ship) and a boss battle with medusa.
Englisch GameSpot - E3 2008: Rise of the Argonauts Hands-On
At E3 2008, we got our hands on Rise of the Argonauts for the first time, playing through a bit of the Mycenae arena, home to tournament-champion and ultimate warrior Achilles. We played a PC build and used an Xbox 360 wired controller -- a good thing since this action role playing game is so combat-oriented. As a weapon master proficient in many combat arts, Jason can use a sword, spear, or mace from the beginning of the game.
Englisch Eurogamer - Preview
Yes, we're back in the world of muscle-men, women with snakes on their heads and squabbling gods, ala Jason and the Argonauts - the film upon which the game's loosely based - and Price is obsessed by it all. You'll visit Delphi, the island of Apollo, for instance, and fight your way from the dark base of a mountain to the sun-drenched summit, signifying a journey from ignorance to enlightenment. "In many ways it's the foundation of literature, of drama," Price says of Ancient Greece. "It's this awesome fantasy setting that already has this street credibility in a literary perspective." Medusa perhaps best personifies the reinterpretation, with great snakes many times the size of Jason and his companions filling the screen and trying to eat you up. Even when the game adds a touch of dramatic licence it's paid for in good gameplay.
Englisch Eurogamer - News
Gamers have evolved and can't afford to spend "days and days on end" trawling through lengthy adventures, Rise of the Argonauts lead designer Charley Price has told Eurogamer.
Englisch IGN - E3
E3 may not be the bonanza it was in years past, but this year's show should at least reveal some new info on a few anticipated titles. With mammoth companies such as Activision-Blizzard pulling out of the show's lineup, though, you can't help but be concerned for the show's future.
Mix the great team at Liquid Entertainment with the world of Classical mythology and action RPGs and you've got a recipe that we just can't resist. Focusing mostly on Jason's quest for the Golden Fleece, Rise of the Argonauts manages to bring in characters and creatures from the most popular Greek myths and presents them in a format that allows for fast-paced combat and rich storytelling. Now if we could just convince them that Hercules should actually be called Herakles, we'd be set.
Englisch Kotaku
I guess you'd call it a little bit action, a little bit RPG (but mostly action). The rep who showed me the game told me it's based in good old Gods-and-heroes Greek myth, but takes a little liberty with the canonical facts. For example, the hero is Jason, he of Golden Fleece fame, and in the game, his wife has been killed and he's seeking the fabled Fleece in order to resurrect her. If Kratos has learned us anything, it's that dead wives plus mythology equals a recipe for high drama and pathos.
Englisch Destructoid
Codemasters has just sent us an article concerning its intriguing action RPG game, Rise of the Argonauts. This is a title I've been looking forward to hearing more about since it was first announced, and we're pleased to be the first English-speaking site to get you these fresh new details.

I've been loving the sound of the game's experience system, which this article explains in a little more detail -- rather than traditional experience points, you perform "deeds" throughout the game, such as rescuing certain characters, defeating particularly nasty enemies or escaping from a battle unharmed. These deeds can then be used to pay tribute to one of four Gods who will confer unique abilities on your character.
Deutsch Onipepper
Wir verfolgen das Spiel schon seit der Pressekonferenz in München (LinkLink). Um so mehr freut es uns, dass wir zu diesem heißen RPG exklusive Infos bekommen haben, die wir Euch nun im Wochentakt präsentieren können…

Das heißt, von heute an, bekommt Ihr jeden Freitag brandneue und exklusive Infos zum Spiel! Das ist doch mal ein Service!
Deutsch Gameswelt
Nach zahllosen Rollenspielen in Fantasiewelten dürsten die Spieler nach mehr. Mehr Action, mehr Blut, weg von niedlichen Elfen und grünen Orks, hin zum Brachialen, zum Realistischen, zum Erwachsenen. Auch 'Rise of the Argonauts' geht diesen Weg. Wir haben uns den Codemasters-Titel während einer Präsentation näher angeschaut.
Deutsch 4Players
Im Gegensatz zu Tolkien'scher Fantasy oder fiktiven SciFi-Welten ist die griechische Mythologie eher selten Grundlage für epische Rollenspielabenteuer. Mit Rise of the Argonauts wollen Liquid Games und Codemasters aber genau dieses Szenario ins Rampenlicht rücken und euch auf eine Odyssee durch die antike Ägäis schicken. Mit Hilfe der Götter sollt ihr das Goldene Vlies in euren Besitz bringen. Wir haben schon mal vorab die Anker gelichtet!
Deutsch Onipepper
Doch worum geht es eigentlich in diesem Spiel? In Anlehnung an die Heldensage um Jason und seine Argonauten und die Suche nach dem goldenen Vlies, entführt uns die Geschichte ins antike Griechenland.
Englisch Gamespot UK
The mythology of the ancient world is a rich source of fantastic stories, and a fantastic story is a great start for a role-playing game. The story of Jason and the golden fleece is the basis of Rise of the Argonauts, the upcoming action RPG from Codemasters and Liquid Entertainment. The game will retell this classic tale with heavy-duty action game elements and an emphasis on storytelling and choices with consequences. We had an opportunity to take an updated look at the game and have much to report.
Englisch IGN
Plenty of action games have role-playing elements to help make them more interesting. Take God of War's experience orb and upgrade system, for example, or even Assassin's Creed in way, as you upgrade your combat moves by completing primary missions and bolster health reserves through side-quests. While those games are considered action titles, Liquid Entertainment classifies its upcoming Rise of the Argonauts as an action-RPG.
Englisch IGN - Pan
To the satyr Pan, life is a never-ending search for new and powerful experiences. After more than eight hundred years of travel and adventure, Pan has explored Greece and beyond, seeking adventure, knowledge, and challenge. A practiced bard and storyteller, Pan is never at a loss for an anecdote or clever remark.
Englisch IGN - Achilles
While Hercules is widely renowned, Achilles has only just begun to make a name for himself. The favored son of Mycenae, Achilles is the reigning and undefeated Champion of its Arena. On his island, he lives as a celebrity, emerging to the rapturous adulation of the people to dispatch his foes and then retiring to his private chambers in the company of his… admirers. Every one of his many victories has been so utterly overwhelming that rumors are beginning to spread that he must be invincible—even on Mycenae, there are few with the courage to challenge him, and none with the skill to win.
Englisch IGN - Atalanta
Atalanta's tale may be known only to a small tribe of centaurs, but it is already a legend. Orphaned in the dark jungles of Saria as a young girl, Atalanta taught herself to survive when she should have been prey for the island's beasts, becoming the lone huntress, a predator feared even by the feral satyrs.
Englisch IGN - Jason
The young king of peaceful Iolcus, an isle of tranquil villages and rolling farmlands, Jason expected to live a quiet life of service to his people. His sole desire was to marry his childhood friend and beloved fiancé, the Princess Alceme. But on the day of their wedding, an assassin's arrow cut through the clear morning sky and pierced her through the heart.
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Ed Del Castillo kennt sich mit Spielen aus: Er produzierte zahlreiche Teile der Command & Conquer-Serie und zeigte mit Battle Realms und Dungeons & Dragons: Dragonshard, dass Echtzeit- und Rollenspiel-Elemente zusammen in einem Spiel funktionieren. Sein neuestes Projekt: das Action-Rollenspiel Rise of the Argonauts, das ohne fummelige Menüs auskommen und dafür mit einer spannenden Geschichte und rasanten Kämpfen punkten will.
Englisch IGN
Loosely based on the Greek mythological hero, Jason of Iolcus, Rise of the Argonauts resurrects one of the world's most famous parables. Rather than following the popular myth beat for beat, however, the creative team has taken several liberties to tell the story they want to tell. Instead of Jason pursuing the Golden Fleece because of a plot to kill him by his evil uncle Pelias, for example, Jason now seeks the Fleece to restore the life of his dead bride who was murdered on their wedding day (no word yet as to who the bride is; be it Jay's first spouse Medea, his second wife Glauce [who we suspect it is], or a completely fictional woman created for the videogame).

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